Why do some children flourish while others never quite fulfill their potential? Are good genes the answer or is it down to choosing the right school or providing perfect parenting?

I’m Jeni Hooper a Child Psychologist in Norfolk and I have made helping children to flourish my life’s work, both in my practice with children, families and schools and in examining research findings. The result is the Flourishing Programme which introduces the 5 key areas of psychological wellbeing and explains how to make using these skills part of a child’s daily routine.

  • Personal strengths and abilities,
  • Emotional wellbeing,
  • Positive communication,
  • Learning strengths
  • Resilience.

A child’s wellbeing can be nurtured as naturally as you might plan a healthy diet. Find out how to help children grow confident, feel happier and achieve personal success and satisfaction in both work and play.  A child’s current circumstances need not be their destiny.

In my book What Children need to be Happy, Confident and Successful we meet a number of children who needed help to flourish and who are now doing well.

Happier children are healthier, less stressed, enjoy both work and play more and have more satisfying relationships. Both parents and professionals gain confidence in having a clear path to follow and seeing results.


‘A real achievement. Jeni Hooper has taken the evidence base of positive psychology and turned it into easy-to-use tools to help children to flourish. The book has everything you need to encourage children to develop their individual strengths and realise their potential.’ Miriam Akhtar, positive psychologist, coach, trainer & visiting lecturer.

Miriam Akhtar MAPP Positive Psychologist, Coach, Trainer & Author


‘It is easy to see why so many of the hundreds of books on how to bring up a child seem to be focused on the challenges and difficulties of this task: the avoidance and management of problems is rightly high on any parenting priority list. However,Jeni Hooperreminds us that there is also another equally important component of good parenting -helping children and young people to achieve appropriately high levels of personal and social welbeing and fulfillment- and she informs us how to achieve this in a most enticing way in her parent-friendly book’.

Essential reading for parents and carers, teachers… and grandparents!

Dr Sean Cameron, Educational and Child Psychologist and Co-director of the Pillars of Parenting Social Enterprise.


Step by Step Positive Psychology to Help Children Flourish – by Jeni Hooper, Child Psychologist and Parent Coach Jeni  Hooper’s message and methods will fill anxious caregivers with hope. She lets you know in her first pages that the real and lasting difference in the wellbeing of your child now and for the future is in your hands but her practical guide book brimming with effective, simple suggestions reassures you and shows you the way. She says every adult has the tools to help a child achieve psychological wellbeing.  Her ideas are simple; require no material, equipment, or money.  Your time, your common sense and your love for your child will make following her suggestions possible. 

from Top 20 Parenting Books by Special Needs Review


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